Digital inspiration for UI designers

Upclip is the smartest way for designers and teams to collect, tag and organize inspiration and design patterns for your next project.
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Designed by designers, for designers

Using Finder to organize inspiration, screenshots and design patterns is a pain. Upclip is a web-based platform that allows you to organize clips, share with your team, and discover clips from other designers.


We get it. Scrap the “Inspiration” folder on your desktop. Forget the hundreds of grabs in iCloud. With Upclip you can import from your desktop, phone, and even straight from your browser.


Tag your images, put them into collections, or simply search. Or do nothing, and allow yourself to browse your beautiful feed of images, screen grabs and design patterns.


Follow other designers to discover what screenshots, design patterns and other images are inspiring them.


See something you fancy? Reclip an inspiring image into your own library with one click. Easy.

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Built for creatives

Upclip is designed for individuals and design teams. With Upclip, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the same room, or spread across the world. Upclip is a centralized source of design inspiration and the heart of your design world.

UI/UX Designer

You love collecting screenshots of well designed websites, web apps and mobile apps. You like to capture full page screenshots.

You also like capturing just a button, or the way a form as been designed, or a menu system. You also like creating mood boards for your next project.

Upclip was created for people like you.

Graphic Designers

You love creating gorgeous branding, packaging, or other marketing material, and you see ideas all the time.

You’d like to capture ideas, typography and more on your computer, or your mobile phone, or even on your camera and import them all into one single place that you can access from anywhere.

Upclip was created for people like you.

Product Designers

You love building exceptional products for the web, mobile or desktop.

You’re always seeing ideas around the web and you’d like a single place to collect them and organize them for your next iteration or project. You like to work closely with designers and recommend best practices.

Upclip was created for people like you.
"Upclip; everything I loved from ember, but faster and it’s alive."
“I love collecting for future projects and I love discovering amazing designers."

We’re in early access mode

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